The President's House

Carr's Hill is home to the President of the University of Virginia.  Construction finished in 1909, during the first president's tenure.  Every University president has lived in the home.  The house was specifically designed to mimic the functionality of the Pavilions on the Lawn; the first floor is public-private space used by the President to host meetings and events with students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends of the University, as well as visiting dignitaries from around the Commonwealth and across the globe.  As in the Pavilions, the President lives on the upper floors of the house.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the Virginia Landmarks Register, Carr's Hill, designed by McKim, Mead & White, is an interesting study in architecture that reinterprets Jeffersonian classicism.  The home sits on a rise bearing the same name, overlooking the University, and is nestled amongst beautiful gardens and historic outbuildings that pre-date the construction of the main house.  The history of Carr's Hill and the buildings on it are long and full of many colorful stories.

Events at Carr's Hill

Carr's Hill plays host to dozens of events each year, ranging from intimate meetings and dinners to community-wide celebrations.  Some events recur each year, including the annual reception for new students, held on Move-In Weekend, and events for returning alumni held during Reunions Weekends.  Carr's Hill is also open to the public each year on Garden Day, during Charlottesville's Garden week.

Below, learn more about some of the many events that take place at Carr's Hill each year, or check out the Office of Major Events facebook page for additional photos.  You can also view information about upcoming events here.


President Sullivan talks about student health, wellness, and support services at the annual interfaith Clergy Coffee. Photograph courtesy of Stacy Smith.

Professors review recently published books by their colleagues at the Faculty Authors Reception. Photograph courtesy of Stacy Smith.

President Sullivan gets ready to cheer on the 'Hoos at a party before the first home game of the season. Photograph courtesy of Leah Sumrall.

Provost Tom Katsouleas congratulates some of the 2017 Gates Millennium Scholars on their achievements. Photograph courtesy of Stacy Smith.

Student leaders from the Office of the Dean of Students' L2K program meet at Carr's Hill during the summer leadership intensive. Photograph courtesy of Stacy Smith.

The annual Holiday Open House is festive and welcoming - these students enjoy singing along from the Carr's Hill songbook. Photograph courtesy of Stacy Smith.

Soon-to-be-graduating students fill the Entrance Hall during the Fourth Year Class Dinner in 2016. Photograph courtesy of Stacy Smith.

New faculty are invited to Carr's Hill to meet each other and President Sullivan at the start of the Fall semester. Photograph courtesy of Stacy Smith.